Software Development Internship (Toulouse/France, On site)

Help improve our platform. You will work with Elixir, Phoenix and Docker.

About us

My name: Alex Marandon
My position: Lead Platform Architect
Company name: WeatherForce
Country: France
Company info and history : We’re a startup in the field of meteorology. Part of our platform is written in Elixir.

About the job

Job title: Software Development Intern
Job description:
You’ll work with our development team to improve key components of our backend written in Elixir. You’ll receive mentorship in functional programming, software design and architecture.
Salary range: minimum legal compensation rate for internship
Position on remote work: mostly on site, occasional remote when needed
Qualifications or experience required: student interested in functional programming, web development and containers
What the successful job applicant will be working on:
Backoffice, web services and data processing pipeline.

About the interview process

  • phone screening
  • on site interview

Further info

Basic conversation skills in French required. Our office is in the city center.

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