Software Engineer - Elixir | Chicago, IL or Remote (anywhere) | Full-time

Interested in building applications with Elixir in the problem space the Erlang VM was designed for? Telnyx is hiring.

Who we are

Telnyx provides our customers with voice and messaging solutions with carrier-grade reliability (think VoIP and SMS with five 9s uptime). We sell our services in a totally automated fashion, allowing our users to scale on-demand.

In the next 12 months we are expanding to more than a dozen European countries and adding another 13 points of presence in data centers around the globe. The company, which is currently around 50 people (75% of whom are engineers), is growing rapidly and we need to add more developers to keep up.

Who we’re looking for

We’re hiring Elixir engineers and experienced Ruby/Rails engineers who are interested in transitioning to Elixir. We have offices in Chicago IL and Dublin, Ireland as well as remote engineers across the globe so you can work wherever you are most comfortable.

The application process

We try to make our process efficient and effective for both the candidate and hiring team. Once we’ve received your resume and contact details, what we’ve found works is to jump on a call and give you the opportunity to ask us questions about the company, work environment, projects, teams and anything else about Telnyx that piques your curiosity. Basically we start off by giving you the opportunity to interview us.

If you like what you hear then we have a couple of options. We love open source, so if you’ve made contributions to open source projects that you’re proud of we’d love to check them out. If not we’ll send you a task that will take a couple of hours to complete and give you an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge in either Elixir or Ruby.

The next step is developing a solution to a problem with some of our team via a video conference. This is not a whiteboard exercise and we encourage you to work how you would normally i.e. use Elixir Docs, Stack Overflow, Google. We’re interested to see how you solve problems and communicate your thinking.

Finally, we set a time for you to meet people from teams across the company to give you the best sense of the culture.


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We look forward to speaking with you soon.


Hello Mr. Gabriel,

Hope you are doing well!

I have read your job post for remote Ruby on Rails developer requirement and would be happy to assist you with my Skills.

I have 5+ years of expertise in Ruby on Rails web application development with skills set like Ruby, Rails, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Rspec, JQuery, JavaScript, Heroku, GitHub etc.

Hourly Rates: $14/Hour

Sample Work:

You can even reach me out on _S_k_y_p_e - cis[dot]norman or Email me @ norman[dot]cis10[at]gmail[dot]com

Looking forward to your response.

Warm Regards,
Norman F

Hi Norman,
If you’re interested in joining the team then please fill in an application.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Hello Mr. Gabriel,

Hope you are doing well!

Yes, I have applied by filling the form in the application.

Have a great Day!

Warm Regards,
Norman F.