Software Engineer - Elixir - Remote - Pacific Timezone

Elixir Engineers of all levels - Pacific timezone - 100% Remote working

We are making online board games and casual 2d games :). We’re a two person team building games to make the world a fun place.

About us

My name: Pavan Katepalli
My position: Founder
Company name: Hoptok
Country: USA
Company info and history: Established at the end of 2020. Elixir and Phoenix are our primary technologies. We help people socialize with their friends and new people through simple games. Our current team is based in Seattle and Hong Kong.

About the job

Job title: Elixir Engineer
Job description: Software & product development. Ideally someone with a passion for board games and/or casual 2d games.
Salary range: $25-60/hr depending on experience
Position on remote work: Fully remote
Qualifications or experience required: Strong engineering skills, good work ethic and excellent communicator.
What the successful job applicant will be working on: board games, 2d games, matching algorithm. In the future: electron, mobile.

About the interview process

You’ll chat with our two engineers :). We’ll ask a few questions and give a take home project to complete.

Further info

Please email me at with your resume and cv