Software Engineer, Remote - Politech, LLC (US)

Introductory paragraph

Politech seeks a skilled engineer with basic or intermediate Elixir experience to join our team. Experience with other functional languages, production Rails experience, and/or React/modern JS would also be helpful. Our primary product is a legacy Rails 5 API that we are in the early stages of migrating to Phoenix. You will be one of two principle engineers managing this project, but those interested will also have the opportunity to contribute to the full stack. This is not a junior level position, but otherwise qualified individuals with less Elixir experience are encouraged to apply, especially underrepresented groups. We favor collaboration over hierarchical decision making, and this position will work directly with other developers and reports directly to the CEO.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions not answered below @tfwright

About us

My name: Floyd Wright
My position: Directory of Technology
Company name: Politech, LLC
Country: US

We are seeking talented developers passionate about best practices in web development to contribute to migrating our primary product from a Rails API to a Phoenix API

About the job

Job title: Software Engineer
Salary range: 75 - 125K DOE
Position on remote work: all remote all the time
Qualifications or experience required: 1 year programming Elixir, 3 years software development in any language
What the successful job applicant will be working on: helping migrate Rails API to Elixir and develop new features in Elixir. DevOps/Full stack opportunities available but not required.

About the interview process

After an initial interview you will be asked to provide an Elixir code sample or complete a code challenge in a relevant language (e.g. Ruby, or any functional language). After that there will be a more in depth interview with myself and CEO, and finally a pairing session in which we will work together on a piece of the migration or a similar task.

Further info

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Is Politech political party agnostic or do you have affinity for a subset of the political parties?


Bumping this because the position is still open. If you already applied and haven’t heard back, no worries, we will be in touch, we are still building our candidate pool.

Bumping again! We are still looking for the right candidate, and this role is now open to Canadian applicants, with the caveat that it would be an hourly/contract (but still full time) position. I am working on fully international as well! so if you’re interested, highly qualified and think you’re a good match for our mission reach out and I’ll see what I can do.

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am interested in this, But am from Nigeria, can i appy

Posting URL updated: Back End Engineer at Politech

This position is open again: Back End Engineer at Politech

Want to highlight that we are open to fixed term contracts for applicants in US time zones.