[solved] Is it possible to get erlang docs in IEx yet?

With the introduction of EEP-48 I believe one of the goals is to have good interoperability between Elixir and Erlang docs by storing them in the same chunk of beam files. Is there a tracking issue to actually read the erlang documentation from IEx? As far as I can tell there are PR’s to “adopt EEP-48” but nothing to make use of EEP-48 to read erlang docs. PR’s:

With Elixir 1.8.1 and Erlang 21.2 is it possible to get erlang docs from Elixir? It seems like at this point we’re waiting for Erlang is that right?

Actually, it looks like it is:

I’m going to still create this post for anyone that wants to follow/vote that erlang issue.