Some Scidata download function not working due to dataset provider being unavailable

This thread is mostly to help others.

Currently, Scidata download function from modules CIFAR10 and CIFAR100 are not working since Computer Science University of Toronto site is currently unavailable. It should return working at 20:00 EST.

Also, I would like to suggest some kind of improvement in error handling from the download/0 function in Scidata. Right now, with this maintenance, the library is breaking with a ** (RuntimeError) HTTP 503 error. Since the download/0 function does not have a ! in its name to help implementations be prepared to handle raises, maybe it could be really nice to make download functions to return a tuple of {:ok, data} or {:error, error_message} to help future developers. This is only an idea that I’ve noticed and thought it would be nice to share.

By the way, the function used at download function to load the dataset is named get!/1 at module Scidata.Utils, maybe it just makes sense to put the bang (!) at download function name, since it inherits`this behaviour from the HTTP get function

Scidata error screenshot:

Computer Science University of Toronto site screenshot:

Computer Science University of Toronto already working again :grinning:

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