Something like Rails Bytes for Elixir/Phoenix?

Hi, I came across Rails Bytes only recently - it lets you run “scripts” with commands you typically run when adding some gem into application. I was wondering whether something like that is also possible in Elixir/Phoenix?

Not that it’s super useful and important, but it’s kinda nice to have in the prototyping stage when you quickly want to stitch together a bunch of components and try something. A bit like scaffolding generators on steroids.

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This was linked to in the Thinking Elixir podcast José was on.

Haven’t looked in detail but seems similar on the surface.


ah very cool! that app generated with tailwind, authentication and kaffy already looks like a great starting point, saving you writing a lot of… well… boilerplate :slight_smile:

thank you and thanks to the author! gonna support him by buying the paid stripe tutorial I guess, been playing with that recently anyway :+1:


This topic was discussed a lot in the past in these 2 threads:

It never came into existence because there’s a lot of things in Rails that lets you build such templates and 3rd party services like RailBytes which don’t exist in Elixir. Based on some of the replies I don’t think we’ll get similar behavior so creating hard coded personalized templates with opinions is the way to go.

It’s my long-held opinion that Elixir could definitely use more code generators but hey, we are all busy and it hasn’t happened yet which is a shame. Elixir is generally easy to refactor – to the extent that this statement can be said for a dynamic language of course – and it’s so far a missed opportunity.

I wanted to contribute something like that for at least 2 years now but alas, time and energy are never enough so far.

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