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Protip: SPC m (major mode) is always mapped to ,, so for example SPC m e r => , e r. 50x less keystrokes :slight_smile:


Any idea how this maps to emacs-style keybindings? I do already know that I have to substitute the leading SPC in any chord by M-m, which is especially annoying when trying to do M-m m… I always have the finger a microsecond or so to long on my Alt-key, so I do send M-m M-m instead of what I wanted originally.


Find a spacemacs file for Ubuntu and OSX here:

Works for me with a Swiss German keyboard layout, so it might work for a German keyboard.


How display table of context in help and jump to specific topic?
Assume I am on Elixir String.split help in spacemacs.


I don’t know how to configure my spacemacs, I would like to make it work for ES6/7 and not use colons


Hey guys, I’m a Spacemacs beginner. I installed Alchemist so far (I think :stuck_out_tongue:) but Elixir files have no syntax highlight? Could anyone give me some quick rundowns on how to do it?


Check this article


I was actually following that guide but now I see I had done a stupid mistake in the configuration file :confused: Thank you anyway :slight_smile:


Did you ever get an answer to this? The gitter channel is fairly active, though I prefer the forum format for this type of stuff.


It’s probably eslint that’s producing those warnings. There must be a way to tell eslint to ignore missing semicolons.


No, no one has replied it.


I’m dedicating two weeks to using Spacemacs. So far, a lot to like, a few not to like. I’m giving it two weeks to make sure that I’m not just finding it uncomfortable because it’s not vim + tmux.


@boriscy @StevenXL @shanekilkelly It isn’t an Eslint thing. Adding (setq js2-strict-missing-semi-warning nil) should allow you to use no semis without it coloring, that’s what is in my config.


I use Alchemist.

So the commands are
SPC c l -> comment line
SPC c p -> comment paragraph

one more important one.
commenting a block

go to beginning of block. -> V % SPC c l (its Shift + v)


If anyone is looking for some elisp practise the issues for alchemist are now tagged with difficulty levels.


I am trying spacemacs but I can’t make goto definition work. For example in this line

 plug :accepts, ["json"]

I go over plug and I do “, g g” and I get “Don’t know how to find plug”

Also does error highlighting work in spacemacs? In Atom when I save the errors get highlighted in the file. In spacemacs I don’t get any notifications.


I think alchemist (the elixir tool for emacs) does not handle go-to for macros in other libraries yet.
And plug, with some other stuff in phoenix controllers are macros.

You can however check them out in the phoenix source

Error highlighting works on some stuff, I suppose Atom has more of it.
But check this out


My previous statement was wrong, Alchemist will handle any macros just fine. It is just Phoenixes unconventional way of importing modules through App.web (see web.ex) that give alchemist a hard time.
Look at this issue for more info


What theme are you guys using on your Spacemacs?


The default one , was using spolsky for a while but went back to default.