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Thanks. It works great now.

BTW: This whole keymap thing opened my appetite to learn more about emacs programming. This definitely goes high in my TODO list.


Awesome. It’s quite nice. A lot nicer than vimscript imho


@gonz btw if you are using the Rebecca theme, we’ve just updated it to support better colors on terminal.


Since I have a hard head I tried to get what I wanted, so I think I will use Spacemacs … but the code completion?
Like defm -> becomes
defmodule ____ to



I’m using italian. I think you ask because of the right option key…?


Q: How do you fold code in Elixir mode? Normally “z a” should expand/collapse, but it doesn’t seem to work with do/end blocks :confused:


How are you all jumping inside the function once it is defined, esc then o?

I mean after doing def|enter |spc|name_of_function which becomes:

def name_of_function do



def name_of_function do
  <- how do I get here
def name_of_function<- after here do


Currently using esc then o, but on Alchemist Vim I think you just need to press the tab key once the function name has been entered (would be cool if we could have the same in SpaceMacs).


I just press the down key… >.>


I just stumbled across this thread. I’m hoping someone in here can help me.

I was really impressed with Spacemacs, but I had an issue with formatting when editing .html.eex files that made it somewhat unusable for me, and I ended up going back to VS Code.

My issue had to do with strange indentation behaviour when adding lines to EEx files. I’ve explained the issue in detail on StackOverflow, and even posted a bounty to no avail.

I opened an issue on the web-mode repo and got no real love there either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! I’d like to go back to Spacemacs…


That takes me to the end of end :confused:


Hmm, I did change a lot of snippets (brought in from my atom things), I might have added a newline in my auto-complete. ^.^;


Would be cool if we can get it to behave like the Vim Alchemist (with tab key)…


No doubt, send in a PR? :slight_smile:


It’s Lisp is it? I wouldn’t know where to start :lol:

I wouldn’t be surprised if there is already a better way (than how I am doing it) hence posted here to see what everyone else is doing…


There are several ways (I probably just do ESC o of old habit… You could also do C-o o. C-o in insert state makes the next command executed in normal state.

If you want the “vim” way you can use snippets via yasnippets instead. :slight_smile:


Alchemist brought me to Spacemacs but I think my favourite part is Magit. Just found out the maintainer is doing a Kickstarter to fund maintenance and improvements. I’ve backed it and I’m guessing some others here might be interested in backing it too.


Thanks for posting that, I backed him! After really getting used to magit I have no patience for any other interface.


yep - how did you solve it?


What were you (and @CodelessFuture) trying to solve?

If it’s the hash key, currently I’ve mapped the right alt key to give me a # (not ideal but the only workaround I could find).


same workaround - but not really happy with it … but i also want to customize it more, so basic tutorials about building plugins or theming and colors (in tmux it’s ugly as hell)