Spacemacs jump to file

Does anyone know of a way to jump to the next error in the mix result buffer. So if I run a test or compile, I would like to jump to the next error that is generated. Unfortunately, I can’t even put cursor on the file an jump to the file like you can in vim(gf). Hitting gf brings up helm file browser, presumably because the format in result buffer is tripping things up.


Seems like I am missing something here because it seems like such a fundamental thing in the normal workflow.


If you put your cursor on the_file.ex and M-x ffap this should open the file as long as your default-directory is the absolute path of your elixir project.

Same thing, instead of opening the file, it opens up the HELM ffap disambiguation window.

Sorry I don’t use alchemist, but maybe you can use something like flymake-goto-next-error[1]?

[1] Flymake (GNU Emacs Manual)

Hi, I don’t use Spacemacs, but in a compilation buffer you can just press RET when the cursor is over an error and it should take you to the file at the error location.

Alternatively you can call the function next-error that should do mostly the same.