Spawnfest/bakeware: Compile Elixir applications into a single executable binary

Just saw this on Twitter, looks really neat! What’s your take on it?


Idea is neat, but I think that in 90% of deployment cases it is not really needed. Of course, it will make some stuff clearer for the newcomers (big pro), but in long term I think that “regular tarballs” aren’t problem at all (as this project is exactly that - tarball with auto decompress) as most of deployment tools can handle unpacking for you anyway.

I doubt that it will become part of classic server deployments as well. E.g. I’m using rsync instead of sending a tarball, which makes updates even quicker.

I much rather see this useful for cli stuff. Also it’s something to point people two who keep complaining about the lack of binary deployment options :smiley:


Im excited about this for two very non-web-app-deployment scenarios.

  1. Desktop elixir apps with Scenic :smiley: could be fun
  2. CLIs. I write a lot of CLI apps for devopsy/sre-ish tasks and I pretty much us go for this when bash becomes a nightmare. I’d love to not have to switch mental models and try to write some CLIs w/ escript in a single team-sharable binary.