Spline / Polinomial Interpolation Library?

I am struggled to find any Elixir package to perform spline (or at least polynomial) interpolation.

My input is very simple and although I am fine to implement it on my own, I’d rather use (and maybe contribute to) somewhat already existing rather than reinvent a wheel.


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FWIW, this is what I was able to duckduckgo so far.


It uses python port and is definitely not what one would bring to their project to interpolate a dataset of 20 points.


Posting out of pure ignorance :slight_smile:


Thank you very much!

Looks exactly as what I need; lightweight, no attempt to cover everything in the universe, straightforward. I hope there was no huge breakthrough in spline interpolation in the last three years :))

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Its been too long since studying any math so I was not sure if it was what you were looking for. Glad it was accurate :smiley:

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