Sponsor Spotlight: Cultivate

Welcome to another Sponsor Spotlight …today we’re talking to Cultivate!


Cultivate started life as the Edinburgh Office of EdgeCase in 2009. Our mission was to evangelise and develop in Ruby and Ruby on Rails. By around 2010 Ruby on Rails was the widely considered to be the most productive way to build web applications.

We’ve supported lots of companies with their Rails applications and know of many success stories.

In the past half decade, we’ve found some companies cooling on the stack, as it sometimes struggled to scale with them and their success. This is not just around concurrency, but difficulties around structure as the domain becomes more complicated. It’s difficult to break apart monolith’s and go against the Rails Way - after all Rails is Omakase.

We believe the combination of Phoenix, Ecto and Elixir is the the future of web applications.

While Phoenix is just as productive as Rails it has a more scalable philosophy. Out of the box, Phoenix in Umbrella Applications give us a great framework for organising the structure of our projects, ready to grow with our clients’ needs. The amazing power and resilience of OTP is there when we need it.

We love working with clients who care about building quality, high value software. We’re using Elixir in production on client projects, as well as on a number of side projects. You can find out what it’s like to work with us here, or get in touch through contact@cultivateHQ.com.