Sponsor Spotlight: Plataformatec

Welcome to our very first Sponsor Spotlight …and who better to kick off the series than Plataformatec!


Hello folks!

As one of the forum’s sponsors, we’d love to take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about ourselves. There’s a good chance that many of you are already aware that we are the company behind Elixir, but for those of you who are not…

Plataformatec (you can call us P-tech as well, it’s easier we guess) is a software consultancy with three specialties: Ruby, agile methodologies, and of course, Elixir.

Plataformatec was created in 2009. In 2012, we were still a very young company but we saw a big opportunity to contribute to Open Source in front of us. We took this opportunity and decided to invest in creating a new programming language that was designed to be productive, extensible and capable of leveraging multi-core processing. As you might know, the project was called Elixir and it was lead by José Valim.

Jumping to the present day, Plataformatec works with companies worldwide, mainly in Brazil and in the USA. We strongly support all Elixir adoption phases. From the ones that are on the very beginning, to the ones that have it running in production. Our services can be divided into three main sectors:

  1. Custom Software Development - a little self-explanatory, but it consists in engaging with a company that due to many reasons has its software as a direct revenue source or a strategic component of the company itself. Our technical excellence, business knowledge and project management skills are our main assets, so we usually dive deep into issues regarding software rewriting, refactoring, aggressive deadlines, scalability and others. We solve those. We do this kind of service for both Elixir and Ruby.

  2. Software Consulting - this one’s a little broader, but in our consultancy services, the general scenario of the companies that benefit from this kind of service associate with issues related to software architecture, performance, technical uncertainties and other particular problems, again we do this for companies using Elixir and/or Ruby. Focusing a little on the Elixir side, our consultancies cover challenges in all of the language’s adoption phases, from the adoption dilemmas, to the on-going and running and production phase.

  3. Agile Consultancy - within the agile area, our consultants have been coaching and teaching subjects related to metrics, predictability, process monitoring and many other topics that are part of the agile world. You can find many of these in our blog.

Basically, that’s us. We are always aiming to collaborate with the Elixir community, and because of that, we have created a weekly digest called Elixir Radar, where our team curates relevant content and helps companies and people who want to work with Elixir. If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s worth subscribing :slight_smile:

Elixir Radar is shaped by content curated by our team, and we want to make sure we are gathering the right articles and materials focused on what you want to see. Because of that, we have made a little online form where you can share with us the kind of content you would like to see there - please feel free to add your thoughts here.

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know us a little better, if you have any specific questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us :slight_smile: