Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2018

The Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2018 has been open for a couple of weeks now, and will remain open until the 26th of January. If you want to contribute to the survey with your answers, you can head directly to the survey at or read more about the survey at .

I’ve always found their survey results interesting and tend to enjoy seeing it as well-represented by as many programmers as possible. I originally learned of the Elixir language from the results of their 2016 survey, and have kept in mind that every answer that mentions Elixir in different surveys can bring in new members to our community.

Full disclosure: I’m not affiliated with Stack Overflow in any shape or form, and I only post to ensure that no Alchemist misses out on the survey in case they’d like to participate :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting it! I’m sure there are at least a few people who weren’t going to stumble upon it otherwise.

I enjoy these too. I’ve always found surveys to be interesting when they concentrate on the right things and I think SO usually do.

Too long :frowning:

I just completed it, but it looks like they’re more interested in getting information useful to their business than what you do as a developer. Not that many questions about languages/technologies etc

I’m happy with Elixir forum and I will keep using it. People here are more friendly and more willing to help even with “beginner level” questions.

The survey is not about bringing people to Stack Overflow. It’s about the general community of developers. It’s just questions about which languages people use and in which capacity, as well as a lot about what people consider important when considering taking/switching to a job in software development.

I find the part about advertisement useless. Seriously who is happy to get ads while browsing a website?

Results are out:

Surprising not to see any mention of elixir.

I noticed the same, which is odd considering that the language has in fact gained more adoption and growth over the past year (one statistic of which is seen by comparing to the latest statistics).

However, Erlang has seemingly stepped up in these results, and has become one of the most paid techs in the industry (while last year Elixir was close to the top,

My guess is that either the Elixir responses have been mixed in with Erlang responses, or the growth of Elixir has also positively boosted the Erlang ecosystem :slight_smile:

Personally I didn’t participate, because iirc there where so many questions regarding SO as business, which I didn’t want to provide. Maybe I’m not the only one in that camp.


Seems like the people on Hacker News noticed the same surprising lack of Elixir. Perhaps not being included as a predefined option (as per some HN commenter) led to Elixir being left out of the results.

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