Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021

There has been a thread to discuss the Stack Overflow Developer Survey on this forum every year since 2018, so here’s one for 2021 :slight_smile: The survey is now open, and at least this year they have Elixir and Erlang as options for technology questions.

Blog post: The 2021 Developer Survey is now open! - Stack Overflow Blog


Results are out: Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021

Some insights:

  • Elixir and Erlang are on the shared 3rd place for top paying technologies
  • Elixir ranks 4th in the loved-vs-dreaded technologies, making it one of the most “loved” languages
  • Elixir hovers near the likes of Clojure, Haskell and Julia in terms of popularity

The numbers aren’t really comparable, but just for the fun of it: compared to the previous survey Elixir was a part of (2019), both its popularity and love percentage have increased.