Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2023

There has been a thread to discuss the Stack Overflow Developer Survey on this forum every year since 2018, so here’s yet another one for 2023 :slight_smile:. This year’s edition features Elixir, Erlang and Phoenix once more!

The survey has recently opened and will remain open until May 19, 2023.

Blog post: The 2023 Developer Survey is now live! - Stack Overflow Blog


this question scared me for a sec.

but i’m sure they’re not silly enough to generate questions/answers. just crowdsourcing ideas.

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Happy to see that Erlang, Elixir and Phoenix have become regulars in this survey for multiple years in a row now! :slight_smile:


We had a fantastic year last year so let’s try and keep the momentum going! :048:



I started the survey and then closed it when I couldn’t find Moldova in the list of the countries :rage:


Not every web framework can build upon a splendid cldr implementation, like we can with ex_cldr… sorry to hear…


I would love to mention @kip, hes one of the sweetest elixir maintaier, his quality is beyond 95% of our ability, he belongs be one of the core maintainers

It is just sad that Moldova is marked (unoficially at 25%) of software export in eurotpe, we produce one of the best codebases from europe, take for exdample (Envada), yes it is based in Moldova and the owners are Moldovian based.


I don’t know why they needed to prefix it with ‘Republic of’…

Hmm I could swear it was missing before, as Republic of Moldova too, maybe they added it afterwards.

I’m just happy that after skipping the AI section I immediately got from 78% to 96%. :003:

The survey was way too long though, seriously.


I do appreciate that they asked if the survey was too long though. Yes Stack Overflow. It’s getting a bit unwieldy. :stuck_out_tongue:

@kip’s work has saved my bacon many many times, I’m also very grateful for his exceptional work and great energy as well. At my old gig we referred to him as Captain because his picture looks like a Starfleet captain’s portrait for some reason. I think it’s the shirt. :smiley:


Agreed. Never before in my career was I so positive and so excited about the technology I am using as I’ve been with Elixir and all the goodies that come with it and I am certain so many other people share the feeling.


It was too long …


Anybody gets this?

I believe the survey has closed. The StackOverflow Meta post about the survey states that “the survey will remain open until May 19, 2023”.

FYI @josevalim, you might want to update the date on the opening post :slight_smile:

Oh… I thought that we would still have time till June :disappointed:

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One takeaway from the survey: my ‘work with’ stack - C#/F# and ‘want to work with’ - Elixir/Haskell - do not intersect all that well. Don’t know what to do about it yet :sweat_smile:

I also thought I had until June, hahaha… As Rick Perry would say, “oops.”

Me too oops… I love the SO survey but I feel like with the State of JS, State of CSS, whatever research JetBrains is doing it gets to be a bit much.

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