Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2023

Yeah, my bad. I should have double checked the date. :smiley:


This year’s results are now public! See them at Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2023

Some highlights:

  • Elixir moved up 2 spots in overall popularity, and Erlang moved up 1 spot
  • Elixir is the 2nd most admired [1] language right after Rust
  • Phoenix is the most admired web framework
  • Erlang is the 2nd most well paid technology, and Elixir is on the shared 5th place

Overall, the BEAM languages are doing really well here! Increasing popularity and consistent love & pay year after year are great things to see :slight_smile:

[1] The new Admired and Desired section replaces the old Loved, Dreaded, Wanted section where Elixir also has historically done well.


Woooo! World domination, here we come!!