Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2024

There has been a thread to discuss the Stack Overflow Developer Survey on this forum every year since 2018, so here’s yet another one for 2024 :slight_smile:. This year’s edition features Elixir, Erlang and Phoenix once more!

The survey has recently opened and will remain open until June 7, 2024.

Blog post: The Good, the Bad, and the Disruptive: Let us know where you stand in the 2024 Annual Developer Survey - Stack Overflow Blog



Great :slight_smile:

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The questions they ask are getting pretty mundane. Many pages of different technologies. Being obsessed with AI.

There used to be fun ones in there, like how much caffeine do you drink per day, do you use tabs or spaces, light or dark color scheme, novelty stuff!


Skip 15% of the survey with this one neat trick! :joy:

I answered Nerves in Other for the embedded question, and LiveView Native for mobile tech.


If I am not mistaken it is Elixir’s 12th birthday today :partying_face: so I made sure I filled it in today - just for luck!

I answered “no, but I plan to” because of Nx :003: and I guess it wasn’t surprising to see AI feature so heavily after their recent announcement - there’s been a few stories about it on DT:

They’re not just fun but can be super interesting (it’s why I love our Polls section, they can be very insightful!)


:rofl: Great hack!


Of course they will emphasize AI, it affects the core of their business.
I answered the AI questions and I said I mistrust the answers…

I am using e.g. ChatGPT for getting ideas and a quick overview, but the answers are either too general or simply wrong.

At the moment I am developing an Elixir course and AI does not (will never?) understand the “big picture”. Nothing is better than experience and knowing the pitfalls we all see when developing.