Stack Overflow Results 2023 - Phoenix is the most admired framework

Congratulations for the Phoenix team for such achievement! :clap::tada::1st_place_medal:

Web frameworks and technologies

Phoenix is the most admired web framework and technology; more developers would choose to work with Phoenix again than those who have used the three most common: React, Node.js, and Next.js.


Also congrats to Elixir team, as the second language most admired :clap::clap::clap:

I liked the new way they are bringing this data:

To better gauge hype versus reality, we created a visualization that shows the distance between the proportion of respondents who want to use a technology (β€œdesired”) and the proportion of users that have used the same technology in the past year and want to continue using it (β€œadmired”). Wide distances means that momentum generated by the hype grows with hands-on use, and shorter distances means that the hype is doing much of the heavy lifting as far as general popularity is concerned.

In the β€œmomentum” criteria, Elixir is the number one, basically the more you use it, the more you want to use it :hugs:


I was about to post it. Really great news and miremo-nos reason to bet on Elixir and Phoenix, even in the times of high interest rates, which I hope will end soon :crossed_fingers:


I posted about it in Korean. Thanks!