Stackoverflow Elixir Documentation

This just seems like a bad idea for Elixir especially because we have such great documentation already its just a 2nd source that will become out of date.

What does everything think about this?


Agree, that is a bad idea for this case.


Those kind of documentation mostly exists because of 2 reasons:

  1. I / We have done something important (Whereas the importance is another point open to discussion,).
  2. I am to lazy to remember anything else than

And with SO there is the point of rewards.

Just found out: SO Documentation is in beta, it seems there are some volunteers which are creating text like nothing good. It still fits to my second point - the need of a singular point of information…

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Some of those docs look more like a cheat sheet / refresher rather than full on docs.

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Yeahh, Elixir documentation es Great, I have solved so many issues using just docs and not needing to scrap the whole Internet.


Remember… some people weren’t thrilled about this forum when it started, because we had a perfectly good mailing list. :slight_smile:

Let them build it. (It’s not like you can stop them anyway.) Maybe it will turn into something, maybe it won’t. If not, the docs are still where they always were.