Starship (cross-shell prompt) error - (starship::utils): Executing command "elixir" timed out

I am using the Starship cross-shell prompt – it seems pretty nice, but I get some errors:

[WARN] - (starship::utils): Executing command "elixir" timed out

I think this is because Starship tries to read the current version of Elixir in a directory because different directories might have different versions with asdf.

I have tried a few changes to the configuration in ~/.config/starship.toml:

scan_timeout = 1000

but it seems no difference is made.

Does anyone else use Starship? Maybe it is only me!


I have had this for ruby, python, and various other things occasionally.

It’s a known issue and will be fixed in next release :+1:

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I think it is fixed now – the bug in the link is merged.

Inside ~/.config/starship.toml add something like this:

command_timeout = 1000

then re-install / update starship:

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"