Start default task in 1.9 releases on Windows 10

I have compiled a Window 10 release of my iex app, and it works using start_iex.
I would like to configure the release to run the default task that I have defined in mix (it works using iex -S mix). Is it possible?

This also works in the release build path:
_build\prod\rel[appName]\bin[appName] eval [function]

The basic CMD works:
[deploy_path][appName].[appName]_release\bin[appName.bat eval ModuleName.function

But it runs without the --werl switch, which I would like.

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I ended up writing a second .bat that calls the .bat file that is generated by the release.
That way, I can do things before the initialization of the elixir release and handle the output as I wish.

Still no werl, but this works well.


Added an executable GUI to run the bat scripts as events using PySimpleGUI and pyinstaller.

Too many moving parts in my opinion, but at least all the moving parts are deployed to Windows 10.