Starting out a screencast series on Elixir...any thoughts/feedback?

Hello, I’d like to start a series on Elixir, this is technically my first video. I’d like to gather your thoughts on it.
It’s currently unlisted on YouTube:

Do you think I should do more explaining?

Oh and, YouTube is currently processing the HD version so if you’d like to watch it in HD or 4K you better wait.


Hey Namnoshka, I watched the video. Good job explaining, I thought it was good how you explained the basic uses and also some of corner cases. I’m an Elixir newbie myself and I was able to follow it.

A couple of suggestions, the background is a bit colourful for my and the animation distracted me a bit. Also, there’s not a lot of code on the screen, so you could make it bigger (think of people on mobile devices). I found the contrast of the code quite low as well, you could maybe increase it for accessibility and also to compete with the colourful background :slight_smile:

All in all good job, looking forward to the next installment :+1:

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Thanks :slight_smile: , that means a-lot. I thought I did bad at explaining. I was also thinking about writing & sticking to a script, just to be more prepared.

I’ll change the colors & go for something elixir-like, I’ll also reduce the animation speed so it doesn’t distract any more people :+1:. I’ve also absolutely forgot about mobile users :laughing: thanks for reminding me.

Oh and, how are you finding Elixir so far?

Update: I have made the video public & I’ll be making the next video based on your suggestions/comments.

I’ve mainly been reading and learning about Elixir for a while, but I think I need to jump in and build something. My day job is mostly Java and so make the OOP to FP jump is a bit challenging and I haven’t got to the point yet where it “clicks”.

There’s so much cool stuff in Elixir and the BEAM space, Phoenix, LiveView, Nerves, NX, so I think it’s worth the effort :slight_smile:

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Yeah, it will suck at first, you’ll get the hang of it, eventually.
You could start working on something small or start experimenting, and it’ll eventually “click”.
Best of Luck :raised_hands:.