Static site generator suggestions, please

I was checking on the current status of Elixir static sites generators and it seems that they are all more or less abandoned as of today, maybe with the exception of Fryse. Correct me if I’m wrong. I am looking for a static site generator for a rather big project ( +100k html pages) and would love to use an Elixir app. I need the ability to dynamically generate webpages from datafiles. As far as I know none of the existing Elixir static site generators supports this. That’s OK. I would be happy to create such module and donate it. I just need to know if any of these projects has a future and an active maintainer who would be willing to cooperate and give some advice. Many thanks for any suggestions in advance!


A quick hack I did awhile back to create a static version of a Phoenix app
was to use a small npm script, like so:
“httrack”: “httrack ‘’ -O ‘./UPLOAD-SITE’ --connection-per-second=3000 --sockets=80 --keep-alive --display --verbose --advanced-progressinfo --disable-security-limits -n -s0 -m -c1000 -A0 --footer ‘’”,

Lately, I have been using VuePress a lot for static site generation:

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I’ve been intending to remake my python static site generator (with maven support!) into Elixir but just not got around to it yet because ‘it works well enough’. It processes thousands of directories and files in about 16 seconds currently though (for a full rebuild), updates on the fly with data pushed to it, etc… I really should port it sometime… >.>

I use nikola (also python but not made by me) for my blog.


Hey, great that you mention Fryse, I am the creator :smiley:

Fryse has support for datafiles and with some upcoming features (mainly the extension system) you can use those datafiles to dynamically create pages.

I hope to be able to work on Fryse during the christmas time again. I have some things in the pipeline to make it work properly with github pages, then the extension system and then support for pagination. Those things are all planned out already.

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OK, so will keep an eye on Fryse :wink: Best

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