Statically Typed Erlang by Whatsapp in November!

I wonder how/if Elixir (and Gleam) can build on top of that!



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Exciting! I’m really curious what “a flavour” means in more technical terms. Didn’t catch the stream from Code BEAM, was anything more specific mentioned?

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Well I would assume its not so much elixir building on top of it, because I assume it is mostly at the compiler level and building to the same BEAM byte code. but I am now intereted


Wow this is very exciting! This is the first time I’ve seen such support for static typing from an enterprise level! I’ll be keeping an eye on this for sure.

Amazing! I wonder then… maybe there will be an Elixir 2 after all :upside_down_face:

How to decipher the tweet?

Modern Erlang
I don’t like the word modern. What would a “timeless erlang language” look like? To me modern implies that in a couple of years it will not be modern. It will be dated.

My guess is that they’ve glanced at ReasonML and that it will look similar.

Integrated tooling
I don’t know what this mean. Perhaps compiler, linter, debugger, deploy tools, editor integration, build systems, live tracing, package repositories. Everything accessible programmatically in the core language? Anyone willing to make a guess?

Are there any languages that have got integrated tooling today? Smalltalk?

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So excited for this.

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Has there been any updates on this?

There was a notice mentioning that they had made good progress in some areas but that getting it to work with existing code was much harder than anticipated. This means that the release of the code has been delayed. I don’t think they mentioned a new date.


Still no news I assume?


I saw it mentioned on the erlang mailing list: Erlang Questions - New EEP draft: Pinning operator ^ in patterns | Page 10

I quote:

The main thing that the team focused on was trying to find a model of static typing that could work in practice for real Erlang code (of which WhatsApp has a lot) - one that could give you quick feedback (even in the editor) and complete certainty that all checked parts of the code had no type errors (thus not like dialyzer). As you may also have heard already, this direction was put on ice at the end of 2020, because it seemed like it couldn’t provide a transition route quickly enough. The project continues, but for now focusing on incremental improvements.


How disapointing ! It seems they underestimated the difficulty.

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Here’s an early prototype of ErlT.


Am I reading it correctly that integer and float are combined as number?

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Language overview seems to say so erlt/ at master · WhatsApp/erlt · GitHub

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I was honestly a bit surprised that they made an attempt after other computer science greats like Simon Marlow or Philip Wadler had already tried their hand at it.

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@b1az Do you know why it’s archived?

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Ah, Thnx @stefanluptak

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