Statistex - a Statistics calculation library that lets you reuse previously calculated values

I just released statistex a library for calculating statistical values. More detailed thoughts are in the release blog post.

Basics are these though:

  • extracted from benchee - so as the code was run by lots of people already I call it 1.0 :slight_smile:
  • sports a statistics/2 function that just calculates ALL THE statistics and returns a struct with them
  • you can also specify previously calculated values as inputs for the functions like Statistex.average(samples, sample_size: 10)
  • after a discussion in this very forum it raises when handed an empty list instead of spouting out lots of nil values which leads to better/more careful client code (or that is the hope)

Going forward I want to add more statistics to it to also support new benchee features :ok_hand:

Contributions and feedback are naturally welcome! :wave: