Stellar - a Stellar client for Elixir

Hi, I wanted to share a project we’ve been working on at Revelry Labs. It’s a Stellar client for Elixir.

Currently it supports all of the endpoints in the Stellar API, but doesn’t build and create transactions. But that is on the roadmap.

Hoping it is useful to anyone out there interested in Stellar


is this lib works for private stelar?

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Yes, it should work with a private stellar network.

config :stellar, network: ""

That should do it. It’s on my todo list to look back at that lib and see if anything changed recently with the stellar api. Hopefully it’s still useful in the mean time


Is anyone using this, please?

I’m not sure I understand how to build a transaction here. Their Python SDK has a TransactionBuilder class that helps with that, but how do I do it here, please?