Still showing nginx welcome page after successful deployment

I have an ec2 instance ubuntu flavor which I have deployed my phoenix 1.4 app using distillery and edeliver. It deployed successfully with no errors everything was perfect except that when I visit the domain/ip address in the browser I still see the Welcome to Nginx! page displayed instead of my application’s home page.

The host is running on port 80.

You have nginx running, and it is not configured to proxy to your phoenix app.

so how can I solve that?

That is impossible. Most likely your cowboy server backing up your application failed to start with an error message {:error, :addr_in_use}.

Do you want to use nginx to proxy to your app, or just your app without nginx? Configurations are absolutely different.

yes I want to use nginx

If you want really specific help, beyond just “google nginx reverse proxy”, then you need to describe your setup–like how you installed and configured nginx to begin with, whether you’re trying to run nginx & your phoenix app on the same server/container, etc.