Strangely relatable elixirconf presentation

I did my graduation thesis last october on webRTC & elixir and it was near identical to the talk given by Scott Hamilton on this years ElixirConf.

I have no specific insight or anything similar.
It was just a weird coincidence that gave me pause.


That is nice coincidence, did You use Elixir as a middleman between Client and Janus, as done in the presentation?

You should apply for next Elixir conf :slight_smile:


I thought about it, but I was on a really tight schedule so I decided to do it as a mesh network mostly cobbled together with a genserver(for state) and channel(for signaling).

The genserver stored relations so if someone joined or left it redid the signaling and the channel passed messages around.

The biggest deja vu part of me was the part in the end where the demonstrations and the demo mishap happened. It was word for word the same as my presentation. And RTC getting outdated while you’re working with it was just a MOOD.

The issue with the phone was probably due to the router, RTC without an ice server sometimes gets blocked by when trying to connect over different networks.

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I have tried a similar approach (GenServer and Channels), but it becomes complicate when dealing with multiple users (more than 2) in a room :slight_smile:

I managed to make make it work with up to 4 in a room but that required a lot of ugly hardcode on the js side. The genserver assigned numbers to each of the participants and sent the connections according to a predefined list.


User 1 connects to users 2,3,4

User 2 connects to users 3,4

User 3 connects to users 4

User 4 connects to users no one

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