Stranger - Find new friends

Hi everyone

In an effort to learn more about LiveView, try a NoSQL DB with elixir and build something interesting I build this project…


Stranger allows you to connect with random people around the world.
Connect with either video or text chat and make new friends.

It’s somewhat like Omegle

Try Strangers now

Check out the project on github

Some Interesting stuff that I have tried in this project

  • Create a Phoenix LiveView only app for rich realtime user experience without the need for any page refreshes.
  • Some interesting live view features include…
  • Other interesting stuff include…
    • Use phoenix PubSub for matching users, active user tracking and text chat
    • Use ecto embedded schemas along with MongoDB to utilize chagesets for powerfull form validations
    • Genservers for user tracking and chat room tracking
    • Some meta programming to achieve DRY code
    • Use Vonage Video apis to setup realtime video chat capabilities

I have deployed it on heroku, do check it out.
Ask a friend to connect or create two accounts to test out the application.

Lastly, I would like to thank this blog, which helped me a lot to build the video chat part.

Have a good day!


Hi guys, I see some people have tried the app however since it’s a video chat application it needs two people to match.

So, you can create two accounts, or ask a friend to join in or use these credentials to signin in a separate incognito window along with your other account, however, it will only work if someone else is not using these credentials at that time…

password: 12345