StrawHat.Mailer - email management with templating capability

Hey folks,

We recently create StrawHat.Mailer, a Email Management OTP. We used Swoosh under the hood and try to push the email templates to the database so developers do not have to redeploy and can even push to marketing team the responsibility of email templates :sunglasses:

So far is good for version one but we are trying to see how we could use eex instead of mustache syntax (any help will be appreciated, my knowledge is limited) and also probably add some extra features for email like automated emails campaigns and stuff like that.

Sorry if the documentation is bad, probably it is harder for me than anything else.

I hope you find it useful and use it so we can improve and add more feature.


You should post a link.

To use eex, all you’ll need to do is call EEx.eval_string/3 with the template as the first argument and a keyword list of variables you want available in the template.

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For those who want a link:

OMG I completely forgot to put the link, sorry! Folks

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But how I prevent people to pass any arbitrary Elixir expression on the template? Remember this will be expose to some Marketing Team (could be) and they have full control of do something like :os.get_system_info() (dont know if exists, just for the example)

That is why I went for Mustache, but I would love to switch to eex as long as I figure out that issue.

btw I will try to put some admin tool for this as well, so you can use the full toolkit :smile:

You can implement your own engine that defines EEx.Engine.handle_expr/3. But that might be an uphill battle, because you’d need to either whitelist or blacklist the AST’s.


Wouldn’t be better just stick to Mustache?



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