Stream-enabled view/component with filtering - how?

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve seen the same question asked a few times:

how do you go about resetting (restarting) a stream-enabled list of items in LiveView 0.18.x.

I’ll try to present it as a use case scenario.

A filtering input box lets one to filter a list of grocery items. Filtering should happen on-the-fly (phx-change with debouncing.)

In the meantime availability of each item is coming externally and visually hints every user of a “5 only left” or “none left”, etc. in real time. So the items only disappear during filtering.

I’m seeing a huge benefit in implementing it as a stream. But I really struggle with a straightforward solution.

How would I reset the stream and start fresh after a filter update while maintaining focus and the cursor position inside the filter input box?

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Have you tried assigning the stream again when you want to reset it?

Oh, most certainly.

It’s resulting in ** (ArgumentError) existing hook <name of the stream atom> already attached on :after_render.

Someone else’s similar struggle:

A BIG thanks to the LiveView team for introducing managed lists (streams) - #9 by addstar

Alright the solution seems to be coming!