Streaming: VM freezes for large file


I am building a pipeline to process, aggregate and transform data from csv files, then write back to another csv file… I load rows from a 19 column csv file, and with some mathematical operations (map reduce style) write back 30 columns in another csv.
And it was going fine until I tried to upload a 25mb file to the application, 250000 rows, and then I decided to stream all the operations instead of eagerly processing… but now that I’m changing function by function with streams, I faced a problem that I don’t understand why, after only 5 fields created, when I try to write to file the program just freezes and stops writing after a few thousand lines.

I’m streaming every single function so it shouldn’t have any locks as far as I understand, and for the first thousands writes it works fine so I wonder what’s happening, in the erlang observer I can only see usage of resources dropped to near 0 and it doesn’t write to the file anymore.

This is my stream function (before I just load from file), and next is my write function:

def process(stream, field_longs_lats, team_settings) do
    main_stream =
      # Removing once that don't have timestamp
      |> Stream.filter(fn [time | _tl] -> time != "-" end)
      # Filter all duplicated rows by timestamp
      |> Stream.uniq_by(fn [time | _tl] -> time end)

    cumulative_milli =
      |> [_time, milli | _tl] -> milli end)
      |> Statistics.cumulative_sum()

    speeds =
      |> [_time, _milli, _lat, _long, pace | _tl] ->

    cals = Motion.calories_per_timestep(cumulative_milli, cumulative_milli)

    long_stream =
      |> [_time, _milli, lat | _tl] -> lat end)

    lat_stream =
      |> [_time, _milli, _lat, long | _tl] -> long end)

    x_y_tuples =
      RelativeCoordinates.relative_coordinates(long_stream, lat_stream, field_longs_lats)

    x =, fn {x, _y} -> x end)
    y =, fn {_x, y} -> y end)

    [x, y, cals, long_stream, lat_stream]


def write_to_file(keyword_list, file_name) do
    file =!(file_name, [:write, :utf8])

    IO.write(file, V4.empty_v4_headers() <> "\n")

    |> Stream.each(&write_tuple_row(&1, file))


@spec write_tuple_row(tuple(), pid()) :: :ok
  def write_tuple_row(tuple, file) do
    IO.inspect("writing #{inspect(tuple)}")

    row_content =
      |> Enum.map_join(",", fn value -> Transformations.to_string(value) end)

    IO.write(file, row_content <> "\n")

Is it related to consuming main_stream multiple times?

Does it work if main_stream is materialised into a list first?

Just tried using Enum.to_list after apply_transformation/1… but same result.

You could look at the current stack trace of the process, :current_stacktrace), which might provide some clue.

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