Structured output for ExUnit tests in GitHub actions

Is anyone using any sort of tool to produce machine readable output from exunit when using GitHub actions?

In the past with CircleCI I’ve used GitHub - victorolinasc/junit-formatter: A JUnit XML report exporter for Elixir's ExUnit since CircleCI can natively parse the junit output format. However GitHub actions doens’t natively support the junit format as far as I can tell.

So I’ve tried to use GitHub - mikepenz/action-junit-report: Reports junit test results as GitHub Pull Request Check but the results are sub-par, the errors are duplicated and the generated links don’t work.

Has anyone else dealt with this before?

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I can take a look. Seems like nice addition to mix_machine.


Thanks, that would be great if mix_machine supported this. It would be one less dependency needed in my CI setup :tada:

@axelson @hauleth I was looking into doing something like this and wondered if you’ve found/done anything new since then?