Struggling to get Belongs_to and Has_many associations to work in Phoenix project

When I was new in Elixir my first questions were caused by not reading documentation well enough and that’s one reason why I’m always trying to link to helpful resources. I had assumptions coming from other languages as well as others. If I would blame others for that then how bad I would feel for myself. :see_no_evil:

Also as said even senior developers could be stuck on simplest examples and there is no shame. Actually they should be proud to work so much that they are stuck because of tiredness. :thinking:

Everyone knows an universal solution to turn off and on something like an app or a whole computer. They other universal solution not so well known is a road to … toilet. :toilet:

With such a funny solution it’s much harder to be impatient. :joy:


The patience and willingness of members to share their knowledge and help others on this forum never ceases to amaze me. I, like @dimitarvp and others answering here, do understand @Kiara’s frustration. I’ve been trying to learn Elixir, Phoenix and Live View for just over a year. Coming from imperative OO languages means there is definitely a steep learning curve to go through when moving to Elixir, Phoenix and Live View. However, the rewards are incredible and worth the time investment. @dimitarvp’s idea of a ‘cook book’ of complete examples of solving common tasks with explanations would be a great contribution - I know if such a resource existed - it would have saved me hours of frustration. To reassure @Kiara, once you’re a little more comfortable with the foundations, you will quite quickly get to a point where the official doc snippets become your go to resource and as @dimitarvp commented - these are always up to date.

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