Stuck with on an AWS SES request, getting 403, help me out

hello guys,

I am using ExAws.SES and to delete an eamil which is in suppression list and getting 403 error,
below is my code implementation please guide me what i am doing wrong

iex(11)> operation = ExAws.SES.delete_suppressed_destination("")
operation = %ExAws.Operation.JSON{
  before_request: nil,
  data: %{},
  headers: [],
  http_method: :delete,
  params: %{},
  parser: nil,
  path: "/v2/email/suppression/addresses/",
  service: :ses,
  stream_builder: nil

not writing real id and key for security purposes

auth_config = [
  access_key_id: "YOUR_ACCESS_KEY_ID",
  secret_access_key: "YOUR_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY",
  region: "REGION"

now here i am making Aws request, and getting 403,

ExAws.request(operation, auth_config)

iex(12)> ExAws.request(operation, auth_config)

 {:http_error, 403,
    body: "{\"message\":\"The security token included in the request is invalid.\"}",
    headers: [
      {"Date", "Tue, 21 Feb 2023 06:44:55 GMT"},
      {"Content-Type", "application/json"},
      {"Content-Length", "68"},
      {"Connection", "keep-alive"},
      {"x-amzn-RequestId", "a470f7a4-19ff-41fb-bc81-75ff9b5ad312"},
      {"x-amzn-ErrorType", "UnrecognizedClientException"}
    status_code: 403

i am sure that my key, id and region is correct ,

what i am missing here not able figure it out,

please help me out here

It takes some time for the token to work in the correct region, there should have been a written warning about that when you were creating the token, before that there should be a temporary link from witch your token should work. At least that is what I remember from back a few years ago when I had the same problem.