Suggestions for tracing calls through large codebase

I’m looking for libs/tools/techniques to trace call flow or general codepath in a very large elixir codebase.

There are several modules in the codebase that rely strictly on pattern matching vanilla maps over a common function interface, which makes documentation very difficult.

Any suggestions are very much appreciated. Thanks!

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Hey :wave: have you seen mix xref — Mix v1.14.3 ?
I think it’s the right tool to help here :slightly_smiling_face:

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The BEAM has an extensive built-in system for tracing - this is a good introduction with lots of links.


Though with elixir you usually want to use wrappers like extrace, which log traces using elixir syntax for values instead of erlang syntax.


No - but looking now, thanks!

I’m not at all surprised to hear it does. Thank you!