Summer of Elixir - podcast mini series

We’ve been working on a ‘Summer of Elixir’ as a mini series for our podcast JavaScript to Elm. A show that usually covers, well Elm, and other functional topics from the perspective of a JS developer. The goal is to build and deploy a small application with Elixir to learn and share our experience. The first 2 episodes are available

Elixir with Phoenix #84

Elixir Deployment #85

So far it’s been pretty enjoyable, with only mild frustrations. :smile: We’d love feedback, tips, resources. Anything you’ve got that might help us along the way. Check back for new episodes until summer’s over, or we get our project built!

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I just started listening to the Elixir Deployment podcast and noticed a mention about Google App Engine not supporting WebSockets (called sockets in the podcasts for some reason). This is already solved, see here: Elixir | Google Cloud Platform
Anyway, I am currently trying to do the same CI/CD pipeline with GCP + Kubernetes, so I am really looking forward to the rest of that episode. :slight_smile:


You beat me to the punch !!! Today’s episode is about that realization and transition to App Engine !!!

Continuing the Journey !!
Elixir with App Engine #86

App-Enggine WebSocket Support As of Feb 2019, it looks like we’re good to go. That coupled with the $30/month bill we would incur when our gcp credits ran out, this switch seems to make a lot of sense.

Excellent. Adding to my podcast queue. :slight_smile:

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We’ve finally getting into some of the actual Elixir now that our CI/CD is all set up and it’s a blast!!!
Checkout the progress, and look for the full rundown about it this week.




Pretty sure I called them ‘sockets’ just of of laziness, good catch, kind of a big difference! I hope you got your pipeline up and running with GCP :crossed_fingers:


We are making awesome progress !! Auth with Auth0 is totally working!!! Check it out

Elixir Phoenix with Auto0 #88

You can play with it at