Supabase — OSS alternative to Firebase built with Elixir

Hoping this will be another Elixir success story:

It certainly sounds very enticing, and would love to hear thoughts from more experienced members of the community. Does it sound like something you would use?

I for one, look forward to not having to write my own realtime APIs over simple CRUD operations. The fact that this was written in Elixir, and is open source, makes it a very palatable option.


As has been said in the HN thread, the main value proposition of Firebase (the product that Supabase aims to replace) is the integration: database, authentication, trigger-like functions changing the data on certain events, etc.

Nothing about Firestore (Firebase’s storage technology) is that revolutionary per se. The cofounder who actively participated in the thread has said the rest of the Firebase features are on their radar and they are actively working on them.

I got really excited when I saw that it is based on Elixir (and PostgreSQL) and made sure to contact the guy offering my help with its development in the future.

But I still remain cautiously optimistic. Venture capital funded database technology startups have not faired well historically.


That is awesome! I never use Firebase personally but I hear people talk about it a lot. This makes a ton of sense though.

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Hey guys! Excited to see the project on here! Glad to answer any questions about the elixir app or project in general! My co-founder was the one who chose Elixir for the realtime engine and it’s been an absolute dream to work with.

We’re very aware of the problems around companies building databases which end up being a “flash in the pan” which is one of the reasons we’re using vanilla postgres as a base, and have open sourced all the key elements (which aren’t tightly coupled to the data layer) - so that people can migrate away at any point or self host if they prefer to manage the stack themselves.

@dimitarvp thanks for your offer! We’re always looking for help building this out!


Well, your partner said you guys will not be hiring until September, so there’s a bit of time still. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope all goes well for you! We need the competition, and Elixir brings a lot of value to the table. Really want you to succeed.


Will there be an official Elixir Client SDK? would be awesome

Dead link.

This thread is more than two years old.

Try this: Introduction | Supabase


I know, but doesn’t hurt to mention links are dead so that they can be fixed.

Also, from a SEO perspective the Supabase website is loosing the ranking it build for that page, they should have a 301 redirect in place for that page to not loose all links to it that are now spread around the internet.