Supabase Potion - a magic and lovely way to interact with Supabase

Hello alchemists! I’m here to present about a new way to interact with Supabase services: supabase-potion made with love and magic by @zoedsoupe :purple_heart:

What it is?

supabase-potion is a client library that provides a developer-friendly interface to interact with various of Supabase services. It highly integrates with OTP, meaning that it can handle thousands of different clients/connections.

It also provides friendly error messages and error return from all functions, meaning that you can simply pattern match on all pre-discovered error messages/error codes from Supabase APIs.

Finally, the idea behind this client library is to provide a similidar API as those other Supabase clients for Go,Javascript, Rust and other, in the meaning of quality, folowwing good practices of the language itself and provide a composable interface.

Why another Supabase client library?

There is also some offical attempts to provide Supabase integration in the elixir world, like:

Which are awesome libraries! However they have some negative points, like:

  • doesn’t provide a friendly way to integrate each library with each other
  • doesn’t use OTP benefits, supervision trees or concurrency, they seem to be done on a scripint language
  • packages seem to be unmaintained/have no more updates
  • Supabase Realtime and UI (for Live View) are missing implementation
  • GoTrue is missing some important functions and doesn’t have integration with Plug and Live View hooks
  • Storage implementation is incomplete and doesn’t support uploads/downloads with async/streams
  • PostgREST is missing a bunch of functions and doesn’t integrate with ecto

So seeing these points I decided to create my own client library and share with others who would like to test/use Supabase services from our Phoenix applications or other future libraries.

What is currently done?

Supabase Potion

Where all starts! Define client management with DynamicSupervisor and the basic strucutre to interact with other services!

  • init_client/1
  • init_client!/1

To start a client, if the library itself is managing clients, you can safely use:

iex> Supabase.init_client %{name: MyClient}
{:ok, #PID<1.2.3>}

You can also mannually start/manage clients with:

iex> Supabase.Client.start_link(%{name: MyClient})
{:ok, #PID<1.2.3>}

Supabase Storage

The file storage service from Supabase, now completely available to Elixir/Phoenix users! All these functions receive a Supabase.Client definition (either an atom or a pid).

  • the implementation is complete, handles async uploads and downloads from buckets!
  • complete mapping of entities like %Object{} and %Bucket{}

The complete list of current functions are:


  • list_buckets/1
  • retrieve_bucket_info/2
  • create_bucket/2
  • update_bucket/2
  • empty_bucket/2
  • delete_bucket/1


  • remove_object/3
  • move_object/4
  • copy_object/4
  • retrieve_bucket_info/3
  • list_objects/4
  • upload_object/5
  • download_object/3
  • download_object_lazy/3
  • save_object/3
  • save_object_stream/3
  • create_signed_url/4

Supabase Auth/GoTrue

Provide authentication via:

  • email+password
  • oauth
  • otp codes
  • magic links

Also integrates for authentication with Plug and Live View hooks!

Current functions are:

User API

  • get_user/2
  • sign_in_with_password/2
  • sign_up/2

Admin API

  • sign_out/3
  • invite_user_by_email/3
  • create_user/2
  • generate_link/2
  • delete_user/3
  • get_user_by_id/2
  • list_users/2
  • update_user_by_id/3


  • VerifyHeader



  • Finish integration (User API)
  • Implement VerifyCookie Plug
  • Implement VerifySession Plug
  • Implement :ensure_authenticated Live View hook
  • Implement :redirect_if_authenticated Live View hook
  • Implement :mount_current_user Live View hook

Supabase UI

  • Provide function components for Live View
  • Provide Live components for Live View
  • Provide Auth ready-to-use components for Live View

Supabase PostgREST

  • Generate schemas/migrations based on Supabase database schema
  • Provide an way to integrate with ecto via Ecto.Adapter (it’s being discussed in this thread)

Supabase Realtime

  • Provide PubSub adapter for realtime messages
  • Provide Process Messaging adapter to send to whole system


That’s it! I’m really proud of this client library and I really would like people to use, test and contribute in any way to the project! It stills on high development, so expect breaking changes. There are always something to improve, so I’m open to any kind of contribution such as: testers, documentation, code review, feature request and other types of contribution.


404 on repo

Sorry i did a typo on the github repo link. I already fixed it!

The complete link is GitHub - zoedsoupe/supabase: A complete Toolkit to interact with Supabase APIs from Elixir