Supabase/realtime - use in Phoenix?

Do we have any usecase for adding supabase/realtime: Broadcast, Presence, and Postgres Changes via WebSockets ( in our Phoenix Application?
Yes, there is a Dart client and Javascript client which consume this library. But, what benefits can we get if we include this in our Phoenix LiveView application?

Is the question outright silly? Sorry then.


as I understand this is not a library but actually an application from supabase, and is a feature of the services they provide, you can read about the feature here:

same as any other application using this feature. you most probably will connect your live view with data coming from supabase and have stuff broadcasted there.

can you reproduce those features by using Phoenix Presence and Phoenix PubSub from your database directly without the need of using supabase? yes. i guess it makes more sense if you’re already using supabase and want to have those features managed by it.


Not silly at all! I help run the Realtime service for Supabase.

Honestly, I’m not sure there is a reason for Elixir folks to use the Realtime stuff from Supabase. It’s built in Elixir and we get all this stuff for free with Phoenix (Broadcast and Presence) and Postgrex (ReplicationConnection).

The services Supabase has built on top of Postgres are really targeting front-end / serverless devs who don’t want to run a backend of their own.

We (Elixir folks) have to run a server somewhere anyways.

Other things like Auth and Storage could be interesting but we haven’t totally fleshed out that story for Elixir devs yet.


Thanks for understanding my question and answering it. When I read your answer, I realized my question could be put in a much better way. :slight_smile:
Yeah -Storage might be interesting to use.

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Also worth mentioning, you can use Supabase to simply host your Postgres database.

All the extra stuff is opt-in and our pricing should be competitive with other Postgres hosts!

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Yeah. With a it is becoming even simpler. Maybe RowLevelAuthentication has to be removed first.
We get Edge Database at a very reasonable cost. I guess, Supabase docs can have one page atleast for Elixir Developers. :slight_smile: Maybe your marketing team does not want the focus to drift. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@chasers Supabase Postgres · Fly Docs - This is in private beta. Any news you have on what is the status of the project? I did request - but - no response.
I guess the alternative is signing up for Supabase independently, and use zoedsoupe/supabase-ex: A complete Toolkit to interact with Supabase APIs from Elixir ( for interaction.
But, I believe most will look for Managed Postgres hosting by Supabase.