Supavisor - a scalable Postgres connection pooler written in Elixir

We’ve been working on an open source multi-tenant Postgres connection pooler here at Supabase for the last few months.

It’s been rolled out to all projects and are exposing the new connection strings to customers gradually.

@josevalim and Dashbit have been helping with PRs. They’ve been amazing as you would expect.

v0.9.0 is released

The big ones here to get us to prod were SSL support and auth query support like PgBouncer.

I’ll try and update here also as we push features if anyone is interested.

1M Postgres Connections

We successfully reached one million Postgres connections!!

Check out the blog post:

Thanks everyone. Elixir is awesome!

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Supavisor v1.0.0 is released!

Notable changes include:

  • Added support for named prepared statements
  • Added support for read replicas and query load balancing
  • Added a client_idle_timeout option
  • New docs build process and website (Github hosted)
  • Docs for migrating from PgBouncer
  • auth_query with md5 support
  • native pool_mode to proxy direct connections to Postgres
  • New metric for unique connected tenants
  • Cache metadata database queries for faster tenant info lookups

Full changelog: Release v1.0.0 · supabase/supavisor · GitHub

Blog post: Supavisor 1.0: a scalable connection pooler for Postgres


Supavisor v1.1.2


  • allow_list field on the tenant to support network restrictions
  • More docs
  • client_heartbeat_interval on the tenant to detect zombie client connections
  • Bug fixes
  • Observability improvements

The client_heartbeat_interval helps us detect client connections from behind a load balancer which are dead but did not close the TCP connection correctly. This interval defaults to one minute but is configurable per tenant.

The allow_list field on the tenant takes a list of CIDR ranges and validates incoming connection addresses against this list. The incoming client address must be in one of these ranges to be accepted.

A nice error is returned on a bad incoming address:

Also, started a Supavisor FAQ!

Full changelog: Release v1.1.2 · supabase/supavisor · GitHub