Support for RPI 5?

The RPI 5 came out a few weeks ago, I have one on my desk. For all my searches, I can’t find a single mention of its support with nerves.

  • Google is completely failing me.
  • Nothing on github that I can find.
  • Nothing in this forum that I can find.

Is there any indication of if/when this will be supported? Or, like the RpiZero2, is this is just the case of targeting an existing model? (I’ve tried the rpi4 target, but no luck).

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The short answer is “not yet, but eventually”

None of the core team has an rpi5 yet and there are a decent amount of changes that it will most likely require a slightly altered system. But we have not had time to research it more yet.

That said, we’d be happy to answer questions and support anyone from the community that may want to tackle initial support :wink:



What’s the expected time commitment to setup rpi5 with help? I would love to contribute back to the project but I don’t have tonnes of free time at the moment.

Alternatively, is anyone in the core team in the UK, I’ll ship mine over.

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My rpi5 is still on back order. I expect that I can turn around a basic port pretty quickly once I get one. While I’d love help, I think there will be a lot of back and forth and checking boot logs in the beginning that will just be easier for me to do with physical access to the device.

I’ll post to this thread when I have something to share. I really hope it comes soon. Sadly, I’m not in the UK to take you up on the offer.