Support for to-one relationship paths in calculations has been merged

Hey friends! A long time quality of life feature we’ve been wanting to add is the ability to refer to to-one relationships in calculations. Since an example is worth a thousand words, lets see how you would have had to refer to to-one related information in a calculation before:

The old way

Using a named aggregate

aggregates do
  # add a `first` aggregate
  first :authors_first_name, :authors, :first_name 

calculations do
  # refer to that in a calculation
  calculate :some_calculation, :string, expr(authors_first_name ...)

Using in-line aggregates

# use an in-line first aggregate
calculate :some_calculation, :string, expr(first(author, field: :first_name))

The new way

The old ways will continue to work, but you can now use to-one path relationships directly in your calculations. You can’t use to-many relationships in a calculation, i.e posts.text in a calculation, because which post are you referring to?

calculate :some_calculation, :string, expr(author.first_name ...)

Hopefully this will make writing certain kinds of calculations much simpler :slight_smile: