Surface_formatter_plugin - a surface code format for Elixir 1.13 formatter plugin


During learn surface and try elixir v1.13 features, I created a tool called surface_formatter_plugin. It’s a tool built on top of surface_formatter and Elixir v1.13 formatted plugin. This tool can format only code inside ~F sigil and .sface file extension.

The installation is just add {:surface_formatter_plugin, "~> 0.1"} to your mix dependencies block. And then run mix deps.get and mix deps.compile to make the plugin presents under deps directory. After that, just call mix format to format your code.

Since Elixir v1.13 is in development, the library set minimum elixir version to 1.13-dev. So, it needs to compile Elixir from master branch. :bowing_man:

Suggestion are welcome. :slight_smile:


Hi all,

I just want to say that the library repository is now archived because surface_formatter version 0.7.0 is now supporting the formatter plugin!!!

Thanks to @paulstatezny who spending an effort. :slight_smile:


I just wanted to drop in and say thanks @wingyplus , and that the last couple SurfaceFormatter releases include a formatter plug-in. :slight_smile: (See the docs.)

Also, starting in the next version of Surface, the formatter and formatter plug-in will come bundled with Surface itself.