SVG file versioning


I have a small app in production on and Cloudflare and all of my assets have a version added to them, e.g. logo-83f2a9a213b74424476fb160bbabaec8.svg?vsn=d except for one; icons.svg, which never gets versioned for some reason. When I update this file, I have to wait until Cloudflare realizes that the file has changed and then it starts serving the new version. I also want to mention that icons.svg file is in the same folder as all the other svg and similar files.

Does anyone have any idea why is this happening and is there a way to fix it?

Did you confirm that on the filesystem, or by what is actually loaded by the browser?

Loaded in the browser, but it’s not browser caching issue as the same thing happens in the private mode and a different browser.
So, if I update the file with new icons (the file contains svg symbols), they don’t load until Cloudflare realizes that the file has changed and starts serving the new file. In browser networking tab I see that this file is the only file where file version is not added.

Edit: Just tried to do deployment locally and it works as expected, icons.svg gets versioned. So the problem happens only in production.

What is loaded in the browser depends on how you link those assets, besides the digested and hashed file existing alongside the manifest. Make sure you use the static_path helper or configure and use verified routes correctly wherever you link to that svg.


This is what I’ve been doing so far, yes, I see the problem now.

<svg class="w-8 h-8 ml-4">
   <use xlink:href={ ~p"/images/icons.svg#arrow" }></use>

Is there a way to replace icons.svg above with versioned file?

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