svg_tracing - Imagess processing - Image(jpg, jpeg, png) to SVG converter

I’m thrilled to introduce a new package that I’ve just released!

svg_tracing is a powerful Vector Graphics Converter designed to seamlessly convert images to .svg format.

GitHub Repository: svg_tracing

How It Works

This package takes an image path as input and a second path for the output .svg file. Here’s a quick example:

SvgTracing.trace("input.jpg", "output.svg")

Under the hood, it leverages the vtracer library, written in Rust. Special thanks to the rustler dependencies, making this seamless Elixir integration with Rust possible.

I express my gratitude to Graydient.AI for sponsoring this project, and a big shoutout to @kip for your valuable insights!


Wow, great job.

I have a small hint, if you add @moduledoc false to lib/svg_tracing/tracer.ex, it will not show up in the generated documentation.

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A few example images would be awesome :slight_smile: