Syntax highlighting in Vim for LiveView sigil_H

Hi all,

my vim syntax highlighting is pretty broken in sigil_H, see the picture

Is there any plugin out there to support sigil_H ?
I am currently using vim-polyglot

Thank you

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If you’re using Neovim, there’s Treesitter which works great for Elixir and all sigils.

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Tested with neovim and treesitter, working fine.
Unfortunately I am not sure I want to switch to neovim, but thank you for pointing that out.


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I’m with you on this, but it seems there’s a lot of good Elixir-related stuff available for neovim only. Seems like we might be swimming against the current and will have to make the switch at some point :slight_smile:

I did patch vim-polyglot to ignore syntax highlighting in sigil H, no highlight is better than broken highlight :slight_smile:

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