Tag input for Phoenix


I have a requirement to implement a tag input in a Phoenix live view app. Is anyone aware of an existing plugin we can use?

Looking for something like this - https://angular-mfppay.stackblitz.io/

see Tagging interface with Phoenix LiveView and Tailwind - Tagging part 2 - Tutorials and screencasts for Elixir, Phoenix and LiveView

I’m using that in a project of mine and works great…

you can probably find other/different tutorials as well…

You could use a key event to do searches for existing keys and a write-ahead suggestion set as the user types and then use a specific key to “submit” the tag and move to the next one.

If you want to do a write-ahead function, the expand_fun for :io.setopts/1 is an excellent interface, but you wouldn’t need the beeping part of the response unless you wanted to do something like that in your interface. I guess a visual beep might be a user-friendly feature to add.